shows photography by Jeroen Hermkens (1971). While looking for a name for his photography Jeroen found that words as stillness, alienation and graphic spoke from the images. This combined with the insight that each picture is a still moment of whatever is shown brought the sites name forth.

About Jeroen
Jeroen Hermkens is a photographer living in Baarn, The Netherlands. He is inspired by the cross section of available light, abstraction, 2D-3D, time and high color depth.
Next to his photography he works as project manager for local cities making technology easier to use. He works as a project manager via his business Het is Simpel. He is also co-founder of the apps Radio for Mac and Image2talk

Work with me
Inspired by the work? Jeroen loves to work on projects involving night or available light photography. He is also interested in documentary photography. Currently he is working on two documentary projects.

Are you interested in prints, just want to say hi or work with me? Feel free to send an email to